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For application written teaching letter. When we are always so much more deeply affected by whatever concerns ourselves than by whatever concerns other men, what is it which prompts the generous, upon all occasions, and the mean upon many, to sacrifice their own interests to the greater interests of others?

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Let one example serve for all. But the simultaneous excitation of the same emotion in crowds is attributed to the action of the gregarious instinct which is accountable for the sympathetic induction of emotion. It had plainly, therefore, become necessary to correct, by more accurate observations, both the velocities and

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The “gushing” mode of accost adopted by mere acquaintances which irritates Alceste is accepted by the poet as a standard of the fitting, just because as a fashion it is a social institution, to be good-naturedly accepted by the social kind of person. Some 2000 words essay how many pages

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Fear, though naturally a very strong passion, never rises to such excesses, unless exasperated both by wonder, from the uncertain nature of the danger, and by surprise, from the suddenness of the apprehension. _S._ If we could indulge our affections while they run on college confidential sample essays smoothly, and

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We have a number of specimens written down in the native tongue essay words phrases use shortly after the conquest. The horror we conceive at preying upon them arises in part from the fear we had of being preyed upon by them. This is interesting, not only as showing that

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He was presumed to be guilty, and his judges bent all their energies to force him to confess. What is there in common, one might say, between a Peer of the Realm, and ‘that sea-beast,’ of those ‘Created hugest that swim the ocean-stream?’ Yet Burke has knit the two ideas

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The tone and the movements of Music, though naturally very different from those of conversation and passion, may, however, be so managed as to seem to resemble them. It is the common error of the human mind, of forgetting the end in the means. It is impossible to deny the

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But if he has a mind to make a jest of humanity, of liberty, and of common sense and decency, he will succeed well enough! We observe in a great variety of particular cases what pleases or displeases our moral faculties, what these approve or disapprove of, and, by induction

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Resume storeman. {44} The plan of driving piles into the beach, for the purpose of retaining it, and encouraging materials to lodge on its surface, and consequently to break the force of the waves, has long been adopted on different coasts in England; and where a continuation of them has

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Compilati vitae curriculum di modelli. Wealth and external honours are their proper recompense, and the recompense which they can seldom fail of acquiring. As to the taste and smell, the stimulants applied to these senses are such as for the most part to act on a large proportion of the