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is what a sketch essay. The amiable virtues consist in that degree of sensibility which surprises by its exquisite and unexpected delicacy and tenderness. This change is undoubtedly a simplification of the language, in point of rudiments and principle. I was not ignorant, how liberal some Men are of their

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blithedale essays romance. The nastiest tastes and smells are not the most pungent and painful, but a compound of sweet and bitter, of the agreeable and disagreeable; where the sense, having been relaxed and rendered effeminate as it were by the first, is unable to contend with the last, faints

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The merit of Wilkie, on the contrary, was at first strongly contested, and there were other painters set up in opposition to him, till now that he has become a sort of _classic_ in his way, he has ceased to be an object of envy or dislike, because no one

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The favour and partiality which, when there is no envy in the case, we naturally bear to greatness, are much increased when it is joined with wisdom and virtue. He is at all times willing, too, that the interest of this order or society should be sacrificed to the greater

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Yet we call both the same river. Only a bare reference to this aspect of the subject can, however, be given here. {34g} A monument, however, still remains in the ruined tower of the old church, which is half buried in the dunes of sand. Now at first sight it

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The words may, and commonly do, express the situation of some particular person, and all the sentiments and passions which he feels from that situation. We shall not see one library rejoicing because it has enticed away the users of some other library; we may even see a library rejoicing

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Guidance is your business and your high privilege; and if some of you have in the past guided as the jailer guides his prisoners–for a walk around the prison yard with grad school interview essay ball and chain–let us be thankful that this oppressive view is giving place to the

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He answered, that they undoubtedly did all this; but that their smallness and distance hindered us from perceiving it. Nor was this left to be merely a matter of inference, for the local churches had no scruple in advocating and prescribing it in the most authoritative manner. Such guidance means

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As a matter of fact, such a hard and fast distinction can seldom be made between the two, since both motives are usually operative in the same enterprise, though in varying proportions. are attached to particular organs. REGULATIONS OF THE JUDICIAL COMBAT. Incongruities which are lapses from standard ideas may

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This abstinence from interfering with their resources, lest they should defeat their own success, shews great modesty and self-knowledge in the compiler of romances and the leader of armies, but little boldness or inventiveness of genius. He lived long in the firm persuasion of being one of the elect among