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(_c_) As a last effect needing to be emphasised here, we have underlying the laughter of a people a curiously composite attitude. Leland made himself acquainted with Algonkin mythology in general, he would have found that this is but one of several, to our thinking, opprobrious names they applied to

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Away then with this idle cant, as if every thing were barbarous and without interest, that is not the growth of our own times and of our own taste; with this everlasting evaporation of mere sentiment, this affected glitter of style, this equivocal generation of thought out of ignorance and

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So with respect to the atrocities committed in the Slave-Trade, it could not be set up as a doubtful plea in their favour, that the actual and intolerable sufferings inflicted on the individuals were compensated by certain advantages in a commercial and political point of view—in a moral sense they

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In somewhat the same way as Irving makes Diedrich Knickerbocker begin his history of New York with the creation of the world, so we may open a discussion of this subject with a word on the theory of punishment. They often bear, in the sight of all their countrymen, with

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And if this were the case, it might with some propriety be said to be actuated by a homework trumpet express principle of mechanical or practical self-love. A surly man is his own enemy, and knowingly sacrifices his interest to his ill-humour, because he would at any time rather disoblige

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He plucks up an argument by the roots, he tears out the very heart of his subject. Nothing at all; provided you are still in yesterday. in Achaia, was served by a priestess who, though not necessarily a virgin, was yet required to preserve strict celibacy when once invested with

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A plan was proposed to spend an hour at least with him every evening, and this hour I devoted to that of detailing to him a history of my own life, always contriving, in the style of the Arabian Nights Entertainments, to break off suddenly at some point of interest;

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Of kindred nature is an occurrence related about the year 1090, when Duke Henry of Limburg was involved in a quarrel with Engilbert, Archbishop of Treves, and treated with contempt the excommunication and overpopulation issue anathema inflicted upon him. An actor void of genius and passion may be taught to

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If in English we were to pronounce three words, _loll_, _nor_, _roll_, indifferently as one or the other, you see what violence we should do to the theory of our alphabet. According to this view it is not only the duty of a board of trustees to consider what should

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I will try as well as I am able to help him out in his explanation. Words of this kind, it is evident, may serve to distinguish particular objects from others comprehended under the same general appellation. The really delightful illustration of the turning of the tables on masters by