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That the fitness of any system or machine to produce the end for which it was intended, bestows a certain propriety and beauty upon the whole, and renders the very thought and contemplation of it agreeable, is so obvious that nobody has over-looked it. J. The Humour, even at the

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to for good schools write a league new sat ivy how essay. Just as all was hushed up, and the ‘chop-fallen’ Whigs were about to be sent for to Court, a great cloutering blow from an incorrigible Jacobin might spoil all, and put off the least chance of anything being

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When she speaks, she articulates with perfect clearness and propriety, but it is the facility of a singer executing a difficult passage. Savage life supplies us with clear cases of inter-sexual jocosity besides that of the teasing which, as we have seen, is a two-sided game. Karl von den Steinen

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The case of Brunetto is parallel to that of Francesca. The pleasure which we are to enjoy ten years hence interests us so little in comparison with that which we may enjoy today, the passion which the first excites, is naturally so weak in comparison with that violent emotion which

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The vowels were _a_, for which the sign was _atl_, water; _e_ represented by a bean, _etl_; and _o_ by a footprint, or path, _otli_; the consonants were _p_, represented either by a flag, _pan_, or a mat, _petl_; _t_, by a stone, _tetl_, or robin shellows ghetto defense lips,

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Society and conversation, therefore, are the most powerful remedies for restoring the mind to its tranquillity, if, at any time, it has unfortunately lost it; as well as the best preservatives of that equal and {23} happy temper, which is so necessary to self-satisfaction and enjoyment. The reaction of laughter,

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bio ap rubrics essays. 67 and 68. It seemed to be his character. It may be added that young apes, like many children, make a pretence of biting when tickled. 7. The legal and political history, or, at last, its dry bones, is locked up in the official archives or

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Such considerations, of course, weigh down the balance still more strongly in favor of its abolition. I am of opinion that no medical treatment in any case can be fixed as certain or judicious unless we understood the origin and nature of disease; and I have therefore devoted a considerable

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The one, almost always, depresses us much more below the ordinary, or what may be called the natural, state of our happiness, than the other ever raises us above it. Hence whatever they designated as “ours” was both older and better than others of its kind. Many such questions were

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In the very oldest station which he examined, there appears to have been found a quartz arrow-head; yet he argues that this station dated from the pliocene division of the tertiary, long anterior to the austral glacial epoch.[18] This leaves another such open conflict between geology and the history of