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The top presentation editing for hire for phd imagination, long pent up behind a counter or between brick walls, with noisome smells, and dingy objects, cannot bear at once to launch into the boundless expanse of the country, but ‘shorter excursions tries,’ coveting something between the two, and finding it

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His opinion of himself wants distance, wants time, wants numbers, to set it off and confirm it. Ah, dear Rinaldo! Before I proceed to give an account of those different systems, I must observe, that the determination of this second question, though of the greatest importance in speculation, is of

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Hobbes put forth his metaphysical system very soon after he quitted the service of Lord Bacon. It was early discovered that the vibrations of chords or strings, which either in their lengths, or in their densities, or in their degrees of tension, bear a certain proportion to one another, produce

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Persons of the dry and husky class above spoken of, often seem to think even nature itself an interloper on their flimsy theories. The man who esteems himself as he ought, and no more than he ought, seldom fails to obtain from other people all the esteem that he himself

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As early as the 149th day, Ruth laughed at new sounds invented by the aunt, such as “Pah! “(7) One of the station men watches our substitutions and looks over them to get ideas for his own reading. The presence of the latter, it is thought, will impose less restraint

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What he said, doubtless, was “_Est-il heureux?_” We translate _heureux_ in two ways, “happy” and “fortunate”, but they are really the same, for happy means “of good hap”, or good fortune. Muller’s inadequate statement—Major Powell’s omission to consider it—Definitions of polysynthesis, incorporation and holophrasis—Illustrations—Critical application of the theory to the

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This is true also of the amusing effect of two strikingly similar faces seen together; for here the look {88} of oddity, which is explained by the circumstance top thesis ghostwriters service us that our ordinary experience is of dissimilarity between faces, is supported by the stimulative force of the

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Nor do I see how any transformation of this principle will make it an adequate theory. The point of view reminds one of the joyous antics of the Italian children who follow the cavalcade of the diligence and its “supplements” as it descends southwards to the level of the olive-groves,

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Such factors as size of circulation, number of cardholders, size of building, and so on, may be stated directly in figures, and many such influence the cost of administration; but how, for instance, shall be stated numerically the character of the locality–whether foreign or native-born, wealthy or poor, etc., which

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The external impression is made before, much in the same manner as it is after we are awake; but it does not lead to the usual train of associations connected with that impression; _e.g._ the name of the street or town where we are, who lives at the opposite house,