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The seriousness of to-day, which looks as if it had come to pay a long visit, may be found to have its roots in the greater pushfulness of men, the fiercer eagerness to move up in the scale of wealth and comfort, together with the temper which this begets, the

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The “common-sense” of the average Briton scores many a loud laugh in its confident self-assertion against any proposed introduction of ideas into the sphere of practical affairs. A very small return seems due to that foolish and profuse generosity which confers the greatest benefits from the most trivial motives, and

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Article 38 ordonnances dissertation. In the system of Plato, the Intelligence which animated the world was different from that which originally formed it. Is it thus they would gain converts, or make an effectual stand against acknowledged abuses, by holding up a picture of the opposite side, the most sordid,

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From it, in many dialects, are derived the demonstratives and relatives, which in Aryan languages were taken from the third person. In the former, the ocean, as far as the eye can reach, exhibits a vast expanse of troubled water, imparting sound which murmurs discontent. It draws some degree of

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It is not surprising, therefore, that some writers have regarded this legend with suspicion, and have spoken of it as but little better than a late romance concocted by a shrewd native, who borrowed many of his incidents from Christian teachings. The question now comes—would it not be advisable to

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This query is on a par with “What is the best material zks master thesis grant for clothes?”, or “Is paregoric or ipecac the best medicine?” A librarian who finds in her new job a charging-system that she dislikes, which has been used without complaint for years, should investigate before

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To those who have the aptitude for it, it certainly can. I am going to urge that your collection of books, when you have made it, be put in charge of one who has studied the methods of making the contents of books available to the reader–their shelving, physical preparation,

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To direct the judgments of this inmate is the great purpose of all systems of morality. A word must suffice to indicate the way in which it does this. Her home is under shady bowers in the forests, and there the ardent hunter suddenly espies her, clothed, and combing with

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I. This expression is employed for all the varieties of the sentiment, between men, between the sexes, and for that which is regarded as divine.[391] For “a friend,” they have no other term than one which means a visitor or guest; and from this their expression for “friendship” is derived,

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Cover page letter ok 2. In many cases, they become attached to them, and prefer remaining with them. Where the person cannot be made to comprehend all this reasoning, of course other methods must be adopted, according to the nature, exigencies, and the state of each patient. The man who