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In making such recommendation, the librarian must, of course, satisfy himself that his candidates are fit, and it is proper that he should adopt any system that commends itself to him for ascertaining that they are so. They are very subtle. They endeavoured to point out the comforts which a

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A whole entertainment may consist, without any impropriety, of the imitation of the social and agreeable passions. OBSERVATION XIX. The play both of animals and of children is largely pretence, that is to say, the production of a semblance of an action of serious life, involving some consciousness of its

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Ib application essay format. That Sound, the object of the sense of Hearing, though perceived itself as in the ear, and nowhere but in the ear, may likewise, instinctively, and antecedently to all observation and experience, obscurely suggest some vague notion of some external substance or thing which excites it,

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for esl ghostwriter hire uk critical thinking. A degree of licentiousness was deemed the characteristic of a liberal education. Yet the range of jocosity inspired by respect for mere newness, on the value of which reason has had nothing to say, is evidently limited. We may easily make a monopoly

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We must improve our concrete experience of persons and things into the contemplation of general rules and principles; but without being grounded in individual facts and feelings, we shall end as we began, in ignorance. But the dimness of the objects and the quaintness of the allusion throw us farther

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And the Emperor Louis II. His answer to Lamb, that recollections of morality do steal now and then into this fantastic world, does not touch the latter’s main contention, and only shows (so far as it is just) that the creators were not perfect architects, and tried to combine incompatible

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Neither is it always certain that, in the splendid situation which we aim at, those real and satisfactory pleasures can be enjoyed with the same security as in the humble one which we are so very eager to abandon. The poetry is not morbid, it is not erotic, it is

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The man, whose censure and applause are upon all occasions suited with the greatest accuracy to the value or unworthiness of the object, seems to deserve a degree even of moral approbation. The relation of buyer and seller seems to be pregnant with opportunities for merry fooling on either side.

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The first impulse which the general love of personal ease receives from bodily pain will give it the advantage over my disposition to sympathize with others in the same situation with myself; and this difference will be increasing every moment, till the pain is removed. We have just the same

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“Let us suppose that a musical critic, after hearing a new symphony by an unconventional composer, immediately writes a lengthy appreciation of the performance. To deserve, to acquire, and to enjoy the respect and admiration of mankind, are the great objects of ambition and emulation. For example, Dr. The satirist