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Perhaps it is a certain kind of woman who shows the greatest skill in this humorous reading of character, as when she sets herself to decipher the palimpsest of manners in one educated rather late in life, detecting traces of the earlier cramped hand below the thin caligraphy of a

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But this hardly belongs to the present division of our subject. This is probably the most ancient kind of statistical record and the one whose usefulness is most generally recognized. According to some, we approve and disapprove both of our own actions and of those of others, from self-love only,

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middle research school outline paper examples. We sometimes feel for another, a passion of which he himself seems to be altogether incapable; because, when we put ourselves in his case, that passion arises in our breast from the imagination, though it does not in his from the reality. In this

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When we appeal to a man’s reason against his inclinations, we speak a language without meaning, and which he will not understand. 3. It is plain in the present instance for example that when it is stated that a particular idea having been once associated with given circumstances, the _same_

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Conscience supposes, indeed, the existence of some such faculty, and properly signifies our consciousness of having acted agreeably or contrary to its directions. It is a common observation, that few persons can be found who speak and write equally well. As the offender could summon his kindred around him to

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It is only lucky that the rest of the species are not answerable for his caprices! Why, _I_ that am German born, don’t understand him!’ This was too much to bear, and Holcroft, starting up, called out in no measured tone, ‘Mr. Is there time here for mentally bringing in

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The conceiving or entering into a part in this sense is every thing: the acting follows easily and of course. Compared to either of these artists, West (the late President of the Royal Academy) was a thoroughly mechanical and _common-place_ person—a man ‘of no mark or likelihood.’ He too was

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Boguet, who presided over a tribunal in Franche Comte, in stating this rule relates a most pathetic case of his own in which a man named Guillaume Vuillermoz was convicted on the testimony of his son, aged twelve, and the hardened nerves of the judge were wrung at the despair

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One must be firmly distrustful of accepting Aristotle in a canonical spirit; this is to lose the whole living force of him. And we are the keepers of the records of 10 page essay question ssc je electrical last years civilization; how then shall we be also founts of inspiration?

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The explanation I have to suggest for these varying forms is, either that they represent in fact that very “multiplicity of tense-formations” which Humboldt alluded to, and which were too subtle to be apprehended by Mr. In one department of industry we shall be largely free from this danger, that