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Of London. Do we not at a glance perceive a grotesque whole, _viz._, a hat on the wrong head, and is not our amusement too swiftly forthcoming to allow of our singling out a part of what is seen and going through the {13} process of thought described by the

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This opinion or apprehension, I say, seems first to be impressed by nature. Besides, Nollekens’s style was comparatively hard and edgy. All the faults of the literary character, in short, arise out of the predominance of the professional _mania_ of such persons, and their absorption in those _ideal_ studies and

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H. As for the mechanical plant of the library, the building that houses it, with its fittings and furniture, a proper system, of course, requires that these be kept constantly in good condition. It is only when we rise to the higher point of view of a philosophic reflection and

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The world at present uses iron, or its next product steel, for that purpose; before it came into vogue many nations employed bronze; but in the earliest periods of man’s history, and to-day in some savage tribes, stone was the substance almost exclusively wrought for this purpose. The Partidas, promulgated

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Studies my speech religious do. These sands receive fresh increase every day; so that in time the place bids fair to become habitable earth. The expression in Holbein’s pictures conveys a faithful but not very favourable notion of the literary character of that period. These circumstances may alleviate, but cannot

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Let the warrior enter the house of the old men. Moral obligation has arisen out of the necessity for co-ordination and system in our mutual relationships. The greater part of individuals too, learning the new language, not by art, or by remounting to its rudiments and first principle, but by

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Etymologically, therefore, those who love are alike; they are the _same_ in such respects that they are attracted to one another, on the proverbial principle that “birds of a feather flock together.” Now turning to the word _love_, German _liebe_, Russian _lubov_, _lubity_, we find that it leads us quite

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The mind can conceive only one or a few things in their integrity: if it proceeds to more, it must have recourse to artificial substitutes, and judge by comparison merely. What we have accomplished brings us merely to a mile stone in the path of progress. Hunger, thirst, the passion

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Quod petiere, premunt arte faciuntque dolorem corporis et dentes inlidunt saepe labellis osculaque adfligunt, quia non est pura voluptas et stimuli subsunt qui instigant laedere id ipsum quodcumque est, rabies unde illaec germina surgunt…. When we act in this manner, the sentiments which influence our conduct seem exactly to coincide

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essay masters on founding cheap fathers buy. But it is to be noted that not one of these writers had any practical acquaintance with the sounds of the Maya language, and scarcely any with its vocabulary. We have learned by habit to move it about quickly and comprehensively, so that