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But this power cannot always be transferred from one impression to another, for there must be some original impression which has an inherent independent power to produce action. He has no choice, no selection of subject to flatter the reader’s idle taste, or assist his own fancy: he must take

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Stanley writes: “My dog took the same delight in coming up quietly behind a small dog and giving a terrifying bark as does the child in jumping out from a corner and crying ‘boo’”.[90] Owing, to no little extent, perhaps, to the fact of its education by man, the dog

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The evidence is all the other way.[37] I need not, therefore, delay over this part of my subject, but will proceed to inquire whether there are any American affinities to the monosyllabic, isolating languages of Asia. Thus, in states where there is a prohibitory law, and periodical raids are made

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A recent product of art may have sunk or been buried in an ancient 123 essay us reviews stratum, and thus become what is termed an “intrusive deposit.” The Pal?olithic period itself is advantageously subdivided further into two Epochs, an earlier one in which men made “simple” implements only, and

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outline paragraph sheet 5 essay. No doubt this influence is at work even here. Footnote 30: ‘_Old Lady Lambert._ Come, come: I wish you would follow Dr. In France, Despreaux and Racine did not think it below them to set themselves at the head of a literary cabal, in order

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Was it by his extensive knowledge, by his exquisite judgment, or by his heroic valour? A man according to this hypothesis becomes attached to others as he becomes attached to any other indifferent object, to a tree, or a stone, from familiarity, and the frequent association of his immediate gratification

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He drew a long yawn, and his appearance was eminently suggestive of a keen sense of the absurdity of the shopping habits of ladies, a sense which only wanted the appropriate utterance to become a mild, tolerant kind of satire. How the two are connected does not seem to be

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Bibliography hire top annotated writer for ca. ???????), and consists in “some defect or ugliness which is not painful or destructive”.[65] Of an adequate theory of the subject there is here, of course, hardly a pretence. We may treat them under four heads: financial, educational, recreational and social. 4 and

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This lack of interest in books I believe to be noticeable largely because we have changed our whole attitude toward the relationship of literature to the people. Man in his wanderings has always been guided by the course of rivers, the trend of mountain chains, the direction of ocean currents,

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We mean intelligent saturation in his work as a whole; we mean that in order to enjoy him at all, we must get to the centre of his work and his temperament, and that we must see him unbiased by time, as a contemporary. Bacton or Backton, termed in the